GRATINGS in UAE and GULF AREA from real MANUFACTURER est. 1925

Gratings, since 1925!

Industrial safety gratings for industrial surfaces, mezzanines and walkways.
Higher strength and self alignment, easy install, cut to measure metal plankings.
 gratings-qatar Steel gratings in Qatar for industrial plants, mezzanines and walking surfaces.  saudi-arabia-gratings
Supplying steel gratings in Saudi Arabia for oil&gas and  industrial use
UAE-gratings From real manufacturer, industrial steel gratings in UAE for several uses. BIG-5-show-Dubai
Showing at Big 5 Show Dubai since 2008: Officine Locati manufacturing gratings, fencing and shutters!
gulf-fencings Mobile fencings and temporary fencings for building sites gratings-Company
Officine Locati is a leading manufacturer of gratings, fencings and securityshutters.